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Welcome to my personal Wikispace

A place to house and share my discoveries online and offline - the menu on the left will hopefully explain, to some degree, where I have been and potentially where I am heading with passions, resources and interests. :-) At present this is a very early 'work in progress' so forgive the gaps and lack of active links on the site. This site will greatly evolve over time.

Who am I and what do I do?

SLE_gold_seal.GIFI am a Consultant specialising in Online Community Facilitation... and my definite passions are effectively connecting virtual teams utilising synchronous Virtual conference rooms and connecting with effective free Web 2 resources. Wikispaces is one of hundreds, if not thousands.. that are growing in number and functionality for us to explore, evaluate and utilise.The tricky part is to choose what suits you best... however I must say as I explore and utilise various tools my skills and understanding grow.

I am a qualified Synchronous Learning Expert earning this Gold Seal from InsynchTraining

I have facilitated and managed Australian Flexible Learning Framework projects since 2000, predominantly NSW Learnscope projects. More recently facilitating statewide projects for NSW Learnscope and a Youth E-Initiative Project.

A qualified teacher with a Bachelor of Education, Secondary (Victoria College) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Adult Literacy & Numeracy (Edith Cowan University)

For more details of Contract work and Employment History please see Curriculum Vitae of Vivian Evans

Vivian Evans

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